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Better Medicines
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Clinical Studies are Crucial in Finding New Medications

Keystone Clinical Studies is an independent clinical research study site that conducts Phase 2, 3 and 4 clinical trials for Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease and Depression. We strive to improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities through the development of new medications for neuropsychiatric disorders.

Are You Feeling Depressed

Are You Feeling Depressed?

Depression is a debilitating illness that causes persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, decreased interest, and changes in appetite or sleep. Even though antidepressants do help many patients, as many as two thirds of people do not achieve a full resolution of their depression symptoms.

Is it a Senior Moment or Alzheimer's Disease

Finding a Cure For Alzheimer's

Forgetfulness can be a part of normal aging, but for some, this is an early sign of Alzheimer's Disease (AD). Though there is currently no cure for AD, the clinical research field is working on multiple interventions that aim to slow and potentially reverse the cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer's.


We Bridge The Gap Between Basic Science & Clinical Practice

Clinical trials are pivotal in the development of new treatments and medicines

Basic Science

Research laboratories work to understand diseases and create medicines to combat them. These medicines are tested in clinical trials to see if they are safe and effective, leading to FDA approval.

Keystone Clinical Studies is a highly regarded trial site for data quality and patient care

Clinical Trial Sites

Keystone Clinical Studies is a highly regarded, independent clinical trial site with a reputation for excellent patient care and data quality. Like the keystone in an arch, we connect the lab to clinical practice.

Clinical trials bring new medicines to fight disease

Community Impact

A medication with FDA approval can help millions of people all over the world, for years to come. Greatly feared illnesses like HIV, COVID and cancer are now treated like routine illnesses because of this process.

Doctor asking patient, are you feeling forgetful during Memory Screening?
Feeling Forgetful

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Clinical Studies

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Megan P.

Keystone Clinical Studies has been life-changing for me. For years I felt that the depression and anxiety I felt was normal and always tried to manage the effects of depression on…
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Shannon B.

Staff is kind, courteous and willing to work with my schedule. They legitimately care about their patients and our outcomes. I have had great success with the clinical trials that I have …
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Clinical Studies are important in developing new medicines & treatments

We conduct clinical studies for Alzheimer's Disease, Depression & Parkinson's Disease.

Established in 2003, our mission is to help improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities. We conduct clinical studies that aide in the development of new medications for neuropsychiatric disorders. We pride ourselves on our high standard of direct patient care and stress the importance of patient safety above all else. As a small clinical trial site, we are more responsive to a patient's needs and provide support during every step of the clinical study process.

We understand the need for more effective medications that may provide better treatment outcomes than what is currently available on the market. We carefully review the science and data when accepting new clinical studies to help give our patients the best possible care options. We are proud of the work we have done which has helped bring 11 new medications to market. As science and medicine evolves, we will continue to offer our patients the most advanced, cutting-edge treatments available.

Feeling depressed? We are working on several new depression medications that work differently than or in conjunction with typical antidepressants and are aiming to provide faster and more complete relief of depressive symptoms.

Feeling forgetful? Keystone offers trial participation at each stage of Alzheimer's Disease, for those who are asymptomatic, those experiencing mild cognitive impairment or mild AD, and those with moderate to severe Alzheimer's Disease.

With a diagnosis comes a barrage of treatment options and opinions from everyone around you. Whether you are struggling personally or are helping a loved one navigate their way through an illness, it can be overwhelming. The care and treatment plan for you or a loved one is not an easy or small decision. Keystone Clinical Studies focuses on finding the best treatment options available.

When an individual is interested in participating in a clinical trial, the first step is to complete brief clinical assessments with our staff to better understand the progression or severity of their condition. Results of these assessments are reviewed with one of our physicians, and based on those results, our physician will discuss which trial would be most appropriate and address any questions or concerns.

Learn more about our clinical studies and see if we are currently running any studies that could help you.

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